Welcome to Frequently Asked Question section of Gibson Amphitheatre website.
We know a lot of you have so many questions referring to the theatre and we noticed that some of them are just the same. Hence, we gathered the most frequently asked questions of the visitors in our site for your reference.

We hope you find all the information here useful according to your needs.

What does Gibson Amphitheatre offer?

We offer our theatre as a venue for any shows, concerts, events and theatrical plays. We are proud to present to you the best theatre in the whole California. For your enjoyment, there is even a shopping center here and a dining area you could explore before and after a show.

Can we shop and dine at the shopping center and the dining area even if we do not watch the show?

Of course, you can. But we are only allowing that whenever there are shows and events happening at the theatre. The shopping center and dining area operate only when the theatre is open.

We are throwing an event and want your theatre to be our venue. How can I connect to your office and settle an agreement?

We’re glad for your interest in holding your event here at Gibson Amphitheatre. You can always send us an email referring to your needs. Our email account can be found in the contact section of this site. You can also visit personally our office located at the Gibson Amphitheatre, Los Angeles, CA. We would be waiting for you!

What are my responsibilities as a Gibson Amphitheatre renter?

The renter is responsible for ensuring everyone is taken care of. You have to behave in a respectful manner towards our staff, and take good care of our facility. Always follow the rules and regulations of theatre stated at the signed Agreement. Do not consume food or beverages while in the Theatre or seating area. We have a dining area where you can eat and drink before and after the event.