Located in the Los Angeles, California, Gibson Amphitheatre was founded by the group of friends who are also proud artists from California. Due to lack of venues for the events and show that time, they planned to build a theatre.

Gibson Amphitheatre was originally built as an outdoor theatre in the summer of 1972. At first, it was a silent theatre and only just a few people go there to watch the shows. One tourist suggested accepting other artists who perform in a live band. In the interest of others suggestion and the mission to give entertainment to the people of California, and taking their goal in a serious way, they started to accept live bands to perform. It was a huge hit, the theatre slowly becomes famous with the seating capacity always filled up by the viewers. When the theatre cannot any more accommodate more viewers, they decided to remodel it in 1982 as an indoor theatre which increased the seating capacity to 6,000.

By the year of 1993, Gibson Amphitheatre added a shopping center and dining district around the area of its entrance. This allowed their patrons to shop and eat before and after the concerts. It is a one of a kind addition that only Gibson Amphitheatre has, thus made it a famous theatre around California. Years passed, it became the favorite concert venue of many high-profile singers and rock bands in America. It also became the most favorable venue to hold major events like those famous award ceremonies.

To date, Gibson Amphitheatre still never fails to give extraordinary experience for you to enjoy while watching concerts, shows, and events. We hope to give you a much better service in the future by developing more creative features soon.

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