Gibson Amphitheatre

Gibson Amphitheatre – The Place to Be! NOW CLOSED.

gibson amphitheatreConcerts, Awards Shows, all kinds of musical artists and variety shows, catch them all at Gibson Amphitheatre.  It is located at 100 Universal City Plaza, California. This is formerly known as the Universal Amphitheatre with more than six thousand seating capacity.  It used to be an open-type theatre but later converted into an indoor one in 1982.  This is the third largest indoor theatre in California coming along with Nokia Theatre and Shrine Auditorium.


Looking for music events? There are plenty of venues in California to visit as an alternative now that the Gibson Amphitheatre is closed. Check out The Wiltern. It’s a famous entertainment venue closely related to the gibson. It’s based on LA and is reasonably close. They have top performers there each week.

Some Information about Gibson Amphitheatre

This is considered as the second largest amphitheatre in California next to the Shrine Auditorium in California.  Here are some of the things that you could expect from Gibson Amphitheatre.

  • The Seat Plan.  There are two main levels of seats.  The first level can accommodate about 3,900 and the mezzanine level has 2,189 seats.  The seats are cushioned with cup holder.  However, the seat has no head rest. There is no outdoor seating.
  • Ambiance.  The ambiance is casual, a very good place for concerts and big shows.  The place is also good for dancing.
  • The Stage.  It is strategically located at the center wherein you can seat anywhere and yet find a good view of what is happening on stage.  There are also huge screens on both the left and right sides of the theatre.
  • The Lights.  You can truly have amazing experience, as lights are evenly distributed and could really add excitement in watching every show.
  • Music.  Since it is really made for concerts and variety shows, the noise level is very loud but clear.  You can truly enjoy live music in there.  The sound system is awesome.
  • Smoking Area.  Smokers can enjoy a puff at the outdoor area.  There is a patio provided for smokers.  Smoking inside the theatre is not allowed.
  • Alcohol.  The theatre has a full bar where you can enjoy a sip of an ice cold beverage.
  • Food and other Beverages.  You are definitely not allowed to bring your own food.  So prepare some budget for the food and drinks being sold within the area.
  • Parking.  Your vehicle is safe the garage type parking.  There is a fee to park your car securely in our carpark, this can be purchased at the same time you buy your ticket.
  • PWD and Kids.  Yes, you can bring your kids with you, as the place is good for kids and groups.  People with disability can also enjoy the place as there is a provided access for wheelchairs.
  • Security.  You will have no problems when it comes to security.  Their personnel are all helpful and ready to assist you especially if you need to find your seat.
  • The Facility.  The entire facility is clean.  Being located in the Universal is an added factor because of its decoration.


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Universal City, CA